About Online Education Insider

With the endless supply of Online Education material available online. We decided there had to be a better way to compare different education providers.

Not only this, we realised there’s a lack of online communities specifically devoted to publicly sharing insights on online education.

With the multiple years of insights that we’ve accumulated over hundreds of education providers, we decided to compress our experience down into a series of tools, comparisons and reviews for everyone to benefit.

Our aim is to develop Online Education Insider into a community of learners and education providers, all sharing their best insights on what’s working and what isn’t in the world of online education.

Online Education Insider was created by Louis Petrides, founder and CEO of PetriDigital, in 2020. Louis was Head of Marketing for Deloitte’s fastest growing technology in APAC and built over 5 online businesses, and has consulted on digital marketing strategy for companies such as Activision, Twitter, Red Bull, Amazon and Sony.